Are we there yet?

Eager heart at the edge
Roll the windows down just to feel the wind
turn the heater on
hair dances on skin
Sensations that mix and mingle within
my eager heart
on the edge of ready to start
almost ready to race apart
to push, kickstart
and run ahead.
So close to the andrenalin
A journey about to begin
Every switch of my ignition
Is an point
of an adventure.
Swimming in mayhem and nature
Singing in rain and thunder
Smiling in the freezing storm
life is all I’m looking for.


I don’t need to be loved
I need only to love

At least that
is the glimpse
beyond the horizon

Mother earth
shyly reveals
soft rounded shoulders
peeks of passionate eyes
A gentle, powerful beauty.
Demanding no glances
to activate the charm.


If you never look
You’ll never see
The sunshine leaking
along the edge of the sky

The dance of the leaves
as they fall from the tree.
If you never look
You’ll never find

Everything sings
If you listen closely enough.

With eye wide open
but tightly shut
Much goes by
beauty unexperienced.

Fragile seed

Words spoken with unspoken smiles
are still ringing in my ears
and dancing around my fragile heart
I should not have let myself hear them.

If you spoke in earnest, I would never know
you hide beneath playful pandering
and sheets of sarcasm
Your heart never thawed in the spring

I try to unbury you
during my spring planting
But you are too attached
to your dark, dirty air.
Absence of thrill, absence of despair

So instead I will unbury myself
from your feather touches of light
and seek some new sunshine

Billowing breath

Brought to life by bitter cold

Ethereal form torn

from the lips by its maker

The ice queen of the arctic sea


Fluttering heart

Brought awake by icy air

shivering hands curl

searching for shelter


As trees roll up their limbs for slumber

I roll down my sleeves

and exhales ghosts into the breeze

Season of Waiting

The snow is


stretching across the earth

Purifying the city noise

Crystallizing the city’s skies

A gentle smothering

A blissful suffocation

Nirvana of oxygen deprivation

and crystal lace in my lungs


The freeze is


flying on the billowed breaths

awakening without regrets

urgency and stillness intertwined

A place where I can leave

myself behind with every step


A chance to grow deeply inside

and wait for the season to emerge


Something Wild in the Wind

There’s something wild in the wind
Carrying cries of a savage land
Taking my hand and leading me in
To a forest of fire and dance.

Temptation does tousle my hair
Teasing my worries and my fear
Calling over sunkissed shoulders
Catch me if you can

There’s old magic in the breeze
Showing me that everything
can learn to dance with ease
and a small helping of surrender